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Walking to My Truth

There are many reasons why we walk as humans.

Some walk for exercise, some walk to work, some walk their dog.  Others walk for a cause, for spiritual pilgrimages, and for vision quests.

There is a spiritual dimension to walking that we could embrace.  When we walk alone in nature, our energy clears and our spiritual selves awaken. When our minds get quiet enough and our senses get tuned in to the rhythm and beauty of nature around us, our higher consciousness awakens and we can hear our spiritual and creative guidance.

My Writing Journey

I am so amazed that I am writing a book!  I already have over 12,000 words and multiple chapters and it just keeps flowing!  This material has obviously been brewing inside of me for years, naturally evolving from my life journey and healing process, and it finally said that it was time to come out.  From the first day I committed to this artistic and spiritual process and stopped fighting myself over it, miraculous things have fallen into place.   

On the first day I started writing, Hay House Publishing sent out free online videos about the publishing industry that I was thrilled to be getting from them, since they are THE publisher for the self-empowerment genre.
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