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My Writing Journey

I am so amazed that I am writing a book!  I already have over 12,000 words and multiple chapters and it just keeps flowing!  This material has obviously been brewing inside of me for years, naturally evolving from my life journey and healing process, and it finally said that it was time to come out.  From the first day I committed to this artistic and spiritual process and stopped fighting myself over it, miraculous things have fallen into place.   

On the first day I started writing, Hay House Publishing sent out free online videos about the publishing industry that I was thrilled to be getting from them, since they are THE publisher for the self-empowerment genre.  

By the next time I sat down to write, Hay House announced that they were offering an online Writer's Workshop for the first time ever, which would include over 30 hours of videos from all of my favorite Hay House authors, talking about publishing, writing, creativity, spirituality, and building a platform.  I was so surprised!  All of this information is coming to me!  I needed to learn about this industry and Hay House was coming to my computer to teach me what I needed to know!  

By the third day of writing, I had received a gift of money from my sister as an early birthday present, so I invested part of that money into the Writer's Workshop.  I signed up for the 6-week training course!  Now I get to write and watch my educational videos daily.   

I am still amazed at how fast all of this is coming together and how quickly and easily the words are flowing out of me!  I have never written this much on anything in my life!  

I created an inspirational board that I read before I write every day.  That sets the tone for me to be an open and receptive vessel for the words to flow through me from my Higher Power and from the Angels.  Much like I do before a Bodywork session with a client, I ground and center my energy so that whatever energy is needed can flow through me.  I am grateful to be utilized in this way and hopeful that my experiences will someday help others through this book.   

I have no expectations and I do not put any unnecessary pressures or time lines on the outcome. I simply stay present and trust that this is happening for a reason and that I am doing what I am meant to be doing right now, by giving this project my fullest attention and all the love and nurturing energy it needs to be birthed to the world and to grow into a blessing for me and for others.   

What I thought would scare me to death has actually given me a deep sense of peace. I look forward to the days I can write.  I seem to write for hours and not know how much time has passed.  Although my body is aching from sitting so much, it feels worth it.  Much like dancing.  

I love the creative process!  I am realizing how much I've missed being so fully engaged in an in-depth creative endeavor.  It is very fulfilling.  I feel at home in the creative process and very much at ease.  

I see so many people deny their creativity, excuse it away, sabotage it's expression, and live unfulfilling lives.  To be an artist and not live as an artist is a walking death sentence, a miserable life experience.  I am finally claiming my rightful place as an artist.  I am an artist of many mediums.  I get to create what I want when I want and how I want to.  This is liberating for me!  This means that I have overcome many fears, healed many wounds, laid down many excuses, unblocked much energy, and created a versatile and colorful life for myself with plenty of space and time for expansive creative energy.

It doesn't matter whether I become rich or famous from any of it.  What matters is that I'm doing the work that my soul has come to do.  I am paying attention to my spiritual guidance and following it.  I am surrendering to joy!

I am using this life to embrace the Love that creates miracles.  Which means that I am finally free!  Free to be me!  Free to be Love's expression in the world.  Free to live out my life's purpose!  What an honor!    

Here are a couple of quotes from my inspirational board –   

  "There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth - 
   not going all the way and not starting."     - Buddha

  "The privilege of a lifetime is to be who you are."    - Joseph Campbell

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Dede on Monday, June 01, 2015 5:53 PM
You are my inspiration Laurie! I'm so thankful for you. Keep writing!
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Bullion Tips on Friday, January 29, 2016 5:07 AM
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