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Walking to My Truth

There are many reasons why we walk as humans.

Some walk for exercise, some walk to work, some walk their dog.  Others walk for a cause, for spiritual pilgrimages, and for vision quests.

There is a spiritual dimension to walking that we could embrace.  When we walk alone in nature, our energy clears and our spiritual selves awaken. When our minds get quiet enough and our senses get tuned in to the rhythm and beauty of nature around us, our higher consciousness awakens and we can hear our spiritual and creative guidance.

Walking in nature also brings inspiring thoughts and creative ideas to us, reminding us that we always have choices no matter what is going on in our lives. Ever notice that when you stay in nature long enough, you begin to feel light-hearted and open-minded? Then you notice that the answers to your questions seem to appear, that creative ideas flow in like a radio station got turned on, and that life in general seems doable, even great? That's the power of nature clearing out your energy field, your spiritual guidance speaking to you, and your consciousness rising up to notice it all, bringing you into the truth of the present moment. There are many names and labels for this experience, I've just come to call it, walking to my truth.

Julia Cameron, the famous author of The Artist's Way, suggests walking every day alone in nature as an artistic tool to staying connected to the creative energy force around us.  She explains in many passages in her book, The Vein of Gold

"Walking opens us up. It feeds us...image by image."

"Walking is an exercise in heightened listening. As we walk, we awaken our neural pathways and make them more sensitive. This is what sound healer Don Campbell refers to as 'an acute sensing in an awakened, powerful internal space.' All kinds of revelations follow."

"We can walk out of a 'problem' and into a 'solution.'  

"Walking makes our breathing rhythmic and repetitive. As our breath steadies and soars, so does our thought. Great spiritual traditions know this...walking is an ancient and literal form for pursuing a spiritual path."

"In other words, walking is a form of meditation."

"When we are too heady, too full of the chatter and clatter of our stress-filled lives, our spiritual energy returns to us through our feet. We walk on the ground and we ground ourselves by walking."

"...the soles of our feet lead us to the feats of our souls."

"We 'run' ourselves ragged. Convinced that if we just do more and go faster we will succeed, we often lose the pulse of our own lives. We can find it again by walking."

David and I walked a trail in the Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday to a stream and sat for awhile. There is such a majestic and yet tranquil energy in the Park that grounds us, inspires us, and draws us in to itself. We can sit in quiet contemplation for hours there, with no people, no noise, no disruptions. Our inner truths come rushing in with the stream along with the beauty and simplicity of the moment. It's one of our "happy places" and we always leave renewed and refreshed and re-inspired to live out our dreams.

So enjoy the power of nature and walking to your own truth this week, allowing your spiritual and creative energy to come alive within you, and listening to the guidance that is always there for you.

Happy Trails!

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