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Laurie Grace Wood

I am a fellow spiritual traveler, a post meno- "pausing" woman, and creative renegade on an incredible journey of healing, growing, transforming, integrating, and balancing my spiritual experiences with my human experiences.  My body tells me the truth about what I am really feeling and experiencing, when my mind doesn't always, and I have grown to honor and trust the body's wisdom, in both myself and in others.  

I have spent decades in the Entertainment and Theatre Business as a Professional Dancer, Choreographer, and Stage Manager and have coached many performers onto Stardom and Creative Entrepreneurship. I have also spent decades in the Healing Arts Business as a Pilates Post-Rehab, Energy, and Massage Practitioner, running my own studios, receiving training in all sorts of healing modalities, and pre- and post-rehabing clients with joint replacements, spinal issues, and dance/athletic injuries. 

I have also personally experienced growing up in a toxic environment, child abuse, abandonment, body image issues, chronic pain, losing both parents, lost love, divorce, betrayal, grief, debt, bankruptcy, co-dependency, addiction and dysfunction in family and relationships, and re-locating across the country multiple times. I have sought healers, teachers, books, trainings, and support groups over the years to assist me along what could-have-been a tragic and self-destructive end for me, instead became a beautiful and powerful spiritual awakening to a peaceful, prosperous life full of healthy, loving relationships and joyful, artistic expressions. 

Having gained so much insight, wisdom, and compassion from all these career experiences and personal life experiences, I feel gratefully called to assist fellow travelers along their spiritual, artistic, ageless, and menopausing journeys through dance, creativity, bodywork, energywork, movement, essential oils, and Creative Renegade Coaching as a way to help relieve their discomfort, unblock their energy, help connect them to their higher selves, live out their dreams, and shed some light on this life-long learning process.  My hope is that as we connect back to our bodies, open our hearts and listen, we can transform our stories, and allow the 'good vibrations' of love, forgiveness, joy, health, creativity, prosperity, and harmony to flow again.  Then we can create the life that we love and share our talents with the world! 

The world needs us to heal and unblock so that we can give to others our truth, our art, and our unique expression of love and joy, which will help heal the world! The time is now...

Formal Education and Certifications:
University of Metaphysics, Sedona, AZ
     ~Bachelors in Metaphysical Science, 2015.
University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
     ~Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, 1989.
     ~Bachelor of Arts in Modern Dance, 1997.
Ridge Career Center, Winter Haven, FL
     ~Certification in Massage Therapy, 540-hour Accredited Program, 1998.
The Illuminators, St. Petersburg, FL
     ~Certification in Usui Reiki III Master Level, 2000.
Polestar Pilates Education, Miami, FL
     ~Certification in Pilates Post-Rehabilitation, 2001.

Licenses and Memberships:
Florida State Massage License #MA26427, since 1998, no longer.
Colorado State Massage License #12240, since 2011.
Young Living Essential Oils, Distributor, since 2007.

Additional Training:
Dancer Specific Pilates Program & Dance Kinesiology with Janet Sturman at USF, 1996.
Neuromuscular Therapy for cervical, lumbar, and hip, with Musculoskeletal Rehab, 1998.
Advanced Spine in the Pilates Environment with Brent Anderson, PT, Phd, 2003.
Pathokinesiology:  Shoulder, Thoracic, & Pelvic Hip Intensive with Lise Stolze, MPT, 2005.
Balanced Body University, Pilates on Tour in Denver with Elizabeth Larkam, 2005.
Healing and Emotional Release with Essential Oils with Ruby Gibson, MTh, 2006.
Earth-centered Healing at Naropa University with Ruby Gibson, MTh, 2006.
Somatic Archaeology, Exploring & Healing Body Memory with Ruby Gibson, MTh, 2006.
Raindrop Therapy with Ruby Gibson, MTh, 2007.
Center for Aromatherapy Research & Education, Training in TN, 2008.
     ~Emotional Release with Essential Oils
     ~Essential Oils Chemistry
     ~Applied Vitaflex     
     ~Healing Oils of the Bible
     ~Raindrop I and II
Abnormal Psychology, Colorado Community College Online Course, 2012.

Inspired Self-Studies:
The Artist's Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron
Spiritual Economics, by Eric Butterworth
You Can Heal Your Body by Louise L. Hay
Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue
Wise Woman Ways, Alternatives to Menopause, by Susan Weed
Circle of the Stones, Women's Journey to Herself, by Judith Duerk
My Body, My Earth, by Ruby Gibson, MTh
Chakras & Achetypes, Energy Awareness & Spiritual Growth by Ambika Wauters
The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Teachings of Abraham
Creating Money, Keys to Abundance by Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer
Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom by Christiane Northrup, MD

Long-time and grateful member of Al-Anon & Adult Children 12-step Spiritual Recovery Programs for understanding and healing codependency, family addiction, & dysfunctional family issues.

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