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My Money Book

I am very blessed to have been able to take time off, with the loving support of my husband, to write this book with an inspirational message about transforming our beliefs around money. The material in this book came out of our own struggles and lessons with money, debt, and dysfunctional family legacies, and includes many of the spiritual insights we learned and applied along the way that have totally transformed our relationship with money and with each other.  

This book will be a powerful healing support to anyone struggling with chaos, pain, and shame around money, and who is caught in a destructive pattern from their past and/or their family's past with money. It will be especially good for artists, healing artists, and creative entrepreneurs, as well as for those wanting to heal from family abuse and addiction.

The Money Book by Laurie Grace Wood is a practical and spiritual approach to transforming dysfunctional family patterns with money into your own spiritually empowering vibrational match with joy and prosperity. It will help shift your money-energy perspective from one of fear/shame to one of love/acceptance, and teach you many ways to raise your vibrational energy and beliefs from that of poverty to those of prosperity. If you are willing to work with these principles and practice them daily, your whole life will change, not just your money. It did for us!

Stay tuned for updates!

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