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Energy Coaching Sessions - $95

(Metaphysical Counseling)

In person or through Zoom


- Uncover the metaphysical meaning

behind your body's messages of dis-ease

- The emotional energy creating in-balance in your body, finances, and relationships


- The beliefs that are hindering your growth


- Take a healing journey back to your heart and connect with your higher consciousness


- Learn daily mindful practices to assist in transforming your old patterns

- Learn metaphysical techniques to improve your thoughts, beliefs, and actions in honor of your highest good

- Reclaim your joy and freedom to create the life that feels authentic to your soul

- Live more sacredly in honor of higher consciousness, love, and compassion

Please email me for an appointment. Sessions are 1.5 hours, will require upfront questions via email, and will involve spiritual energetic practices that follow sessions. 

Payment button is located at the bottom of my Pilates Page (while website is under re-construction). 

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