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Metaphysical Counseling

Metaphysical Counseling sessions are designed to support, guide, educate, awaken, and inspire clients to become emotionally honest and embracive about the quality of life, health, wealth, relationships, careers, creativity, joy, and spirituality they really want to be experiencing. Clients learn how to pursue their dreams one step at a time, heal and forgive the past, and tools for raising their consciousness and energetic vibrations so they can attract all that they need to fulfill the life they were meant to live.

Open your mind and heart and let's recover your truth together.

Metaphysical Counseling is NOT meant to diagnose or cure any mental or physical disorders that require medical attention. Metaphysical Counseling is based on Universal Laws and meant to offer spiritual support through Mindfulness and Affirmations that assist in improving one's state of mind and one's overall life experience. Metaphysical Counseling can be a powerful addition to any medical protocol to assist in deeper healing, smoother recovery process, and longer-lasting change.

My own traumatic life experiences have given me lessons, awakenings, tools, and wisdoms to help me offer support, love, and compassion to others during their healing process. I know intimately the details, depth, courage, and practices it takes to overcome painful life events and destructive belief patterns for a deep, heart-centered, cellular transformational process. It is NOT easy, but once to the other side of forgiveness, your natural state of JOY can return! Life will get better in every way!

Laurie's training and areas of expertise include...

- psychosomatic connections

- physical health issues

- emotional health issues

- self-worth & self-acceptance

- childhood traumas and abuse

- healing money wounds

- creating avenues of money flow

- artistic expression

- creative entrepreneurship

- business skills

- communication in relationships

- co-dependency and addiction

- family dysfunction

- divorce, grief, loss

- menopause as a right of passage

- ageless living

- extreme self-care practices

- spiritual and mental practices

- universal laws of energy

Metaphysical Counseling sessions are 90-minutes in length and are held via Zoom or in Nature. 

I will type out your affirmations from our discoveries and email them to you. For two weeks following the session, I will send blessings and light energy to you in support of your healing and transformation, as you continue to work with your energy and affirmations.

Metaphysical Counseling - $111

Metaphysical Couples Counseling - $188

Metaphysical Love Offering - in $11 increments

Payment is required at time of booking.

24-hour notice of cancellation is required.

Please contact Laurie for an appointment.


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