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Pilates mat classes & Privates

Laurie Wood is a Certified Polestar Pilates Post-Rehab Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Dance Instructor & Choreographer, and Reiki Master. She holds Degrees in Modern Dance, Business Administration, and Metaphysical Science, and studied Dance Kinesiology and Advanced Spinal Pathologies along with many other body sciences and healing modalities. Laurie owned two Pilates & Massage Studios in Colorado and Florida, and has developed and taught her signature Ageless Pilates Mat classes to hundreds of students. Laurie has assisted many clients from seniors to ballet dancers out of their pain-cycles and into wholeness, wellness, and joyful movement. Laurie teaches Ageless Pilates Mat & Dance classes to students all over the country via Zoom. For a complete list of Laurie's education and trainings, please go to her About Me page.

Private Pilates - a Zoomed 1-hour Private Pilates Post-Rehab or Conditioning session with Laurie. She will assist you with various exercises and movements on the Pilates Reformer, Pilates Mat, and using Pilates Props like the exercise ball, foam roller, Theraband, small ball, or light weights, to uncover any structural imbalances or faulty movement patterns. A Home Program and Practice Video will be given to help you heal, transform, grow stronger and more flexible, and manage those findings for a more mindful, pain-free existence. Most spinal, hip, knee, and shoulder pathologies can benefit from Private Pilates and Pilates Mat classes. Private Pilates Session - $35 per 1-hour Session

Ageless Pilates Mat Classes are held via Zoom. Laurie has spent decades designing her signature Ageless Pilates Mat & Ageless Pilates w/ Props classes, which includes a standing range of motion warm-up, basic Pilates Mat exercises, Post-Rehab exercises, stretching, coordinated breathing, mindfulness, and postural education. Pilates Props (exercise ball, foam roller, light weights, small ball, Thera band, & chair) are also added to classes to create deeper conditioning, stretch, better balance, and dynamic challenge. Classes are safe, effective, and user-friendly for most spine and joint pathologies for the ageless body.


Tuesday PILATES W/ PROPS CLASS - 2:00 - 3:00pm Eastern/

12:00 - 1:00pm Mountain

7-week session,  August 6 - September 24, 2024 (skipping Sept. 3) 


This class rotates Pilates Props with Mat work each week. (Exercise ball, small ball, light weights, foam roller, Thera bands, and a chair) Please ask for info on ordering props.


$70 for 7-weeks - you receive FREE video emails of class each week!

Can't take class? NO PROBLEM! Purchase a Monthly Access to our Video Library for only $25/month and receive a new passcode each month. Video Library now includes Tips (short educational videos), Treats (short artistic videos), and months & months of Zoom classes. You can take a class whenever you want. Please purchase at the beginning of each month, it does NOT automatically charge your card.

***Please have approval from your doctor to attend Zoom Pilates Classes. By purchasing these classes you take sole responsibility of your own health and well-being and your physical ability to perform Pilates movements and stretches with mindfulness and safety at your own risk.

Purchase safely with PayPal or Credit/Debit Card, see buttons below.

*NOTE: There are no refunds. Class session fees do not roll over to the next session. Please contact me if there is an emergency or drastic life change that prevents you from finishing a session and we will work something out.


Once you have purchased below, I will email the Zoom link to you prior to each class.

Please contact me with any questions...

Private Pilates Session


Per 1-hour session by appointment

via Zoom

Buy an Individualized 

Pilates Session

2:00 Eastern/12:00 Mountain
7-week session
August 6 - September 24,
skipping Sept. 3


Per 1-hour Class/weekly

via Zoom

Plus FREE  Video Emails!

Energy Coaching


In person or through Zoom

1.5 hour session

Monthly Video Access


Per Month

Take any class anytime with passcode

access to our Video Library.

Please purchase by 1st of each month, new passcode will be sent out by 5th.

Drop-in for Pilates Mat Class


Per Week

Drop-in to Pilates Class, let Laurie know

to receive Zoom link

Reiki Raindrop Session



Chakra Balancing & 

Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils 

Energy Healing Session

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