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Young Living Essential Oils Distributor

I have been using Young Living

Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils for 13+ years on myself, my family, my cats, and my clients. They are powerful Plant-Energy Medicine in bottles, and are very effective for immune health, physical discomfort, disinfecting the home, calming and inspiring energy.

Young Living essential oils have assisted with my Bodywork & Spiritual Counseling clients for years with great success. The Raindrop Technique, designed by Gary Young, is a powerful detox and spiritually uplifting service that uses 7+ essential oils to assist all the systems of the body toward balance. Oils can aid in spiritual and energetic shifting so that ultimate healing can take place. Therapeutic-grade essential oils are great tools for shifting emotions, clearing mental fog, grounding energy, improving sleep, and raising your vibrational frequencies.

If you would like to receive wholesale pricing on Young Living products and essentail oils and be a part of our growing oils community, then please place my Member #925478 in the Enroller & Sponsor boxes on your Young Living application. Or contact me to place an order for you.

Please go to to check out this amazing Seed to Seal essentail oils company!

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