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I am going on my third year of taking Ageless Pilates Mat classes with Laurie Wood. I received a bone density test recently and my doctor called to report a "marked improvement" in my test results. That is the first time in fifteen years I have shown any improvement at all! My doctor's advice is to keep doing whatever I am doing, which is weekly Ageless Pilates Mat class, walking, taking calcium and D3. I am thrilled!

~Phyllis, Arvada, CO

Finding Laurie Wood's Ageless Pilates Mat class and her private Pilates Post-Rehab sessions a year and half ago were like finding a treasure. Laurie has helped me uncover, unlock, and explore my body's physical potential with her extensive knowledge, training, expertise, and compassionate instruction. Her encouragement and patience are evident as she instructs us mindfully to strengthen our cores, balance our bodies, and align our spines. She teaches us incrementally and gently with constant attention to safety for each class member. Her private pilates and massage sessions have been extremely healing and transformative for me on many levels. The results for me have been amazing! I am 70 years old, and even though I have had a hip replacement and significant arthritis, my core and total body strength have never been better! Working with Laurie is truly a treasured process!

~Carol, Arvada, CO

I see Laurie for her bodywork, and she has been wonderful since the day I met her! In November 2011, I had a 14 level spinal fusion and started seeing her just a few months later. Her restoring touch helped me regenerate very important nerves, as well as tend to my healing muscles and make me feel comforted. I can truly say I would not have healed as well without her bodywork and her wisdom. She has remained with me through many of my personal journeys and continues to support me through my current experience; welcoming my first baby in June! I would highly recommend her as she is great at using her intuition to provide you with the best and most comfortable experience possible. She is nothing short of a miracle worker!

~Kelsi, Denver, CO

Laurie's love of dance and movement is unsurpassed! She gives so much of herself during sessions. Her "Boogie Woogie Jazz" class was a blast. I haven't had so much fun in a class EVER! Having prior back surgeries I have been reluctant to exercise ..... hooray for Laurie's Pilates instruction. I am building my core muscles and at a pace set for "me". I leave class without pain and feeling stronger each day!

~Pam, Arvada, CO

Laurie is the consummate exercise/rehab/massage/dance professional. I have participated in her Pilates classes for a total of about six years and am stronger, more flexible and healthier. She makes the classes fun and takes the time to walk us through the proper movements to avoid injuries. I'll continue in her classes as long as Laurie continues teaching.

~Mary, Arvada, CO

I severely broke my ankle in my early 50's and after 11 months of PT, I felt like I would not be able to ever walk normally again. This was a huge inconvenience as my work requires me to stand and walk all day long. I contacted Laurie Wood thru the Arvada Center and she assured me that she could help. Skeptically I started her Pilates class and to my surprise everything that she promised came to light! Not only did I get back 100% of my movement but I am now stronger physically now than I was in my 40's. Because Laurie Wood Is a Massage Therapist, former and current dancer, I feel that she is so in tune with our bodies physical working motions that this gives her the knowledge and experience to address what ever concerns you may be having with your body. I highly recommend this talented, dedicated woman! She has made a huge difference in my life. Thank you for everything Laurie!

~Joan, Golden, CO

From the top of my head to the tips of my toes, Laurie helps me work every area of my body. I stretch and bend and balance to improve my core, my bones and my muscles. Laurie is a very energetic and enthusiastic teacher who explains each move and its benefit to my body. Leaving class, I feel I've exercised every limb. I am so fortunate to have found her class a year and a half ago and will continue to attend for many years to come.

~Susan H., Arvada, CO

For years I was intimidated by the pilates reputation that it was a very difficult exercise routine. When I found Laurie's "Ageless Pilates" class for clients over 55 years of age, I decided to try it. Yes, it is challenging, but now, after two years of attending a once a week class, I am loving how much stronger I am. Laurie has small classes which fosters individual attention. My new-found core strength has eliminated falls, sculpted my body in ways that I would not have thought possible in my 68 year-old body, and made me feel years younger!

~Susan S., Arvada, CO

In January, 2012, at the age of 77, I took courage in hand and enrolled in Laurie Wood's Pilates for the Ageless class. It has been a joyful experience for me both physically and mentally. I know my core is stronger, my balance is improving, and not once during class do I think about the fact that I am the oldest member. Laurie has a wonderful way of teaching and making everyone feel good about themselves and comfortable with their classmates. I'll be taking Laurie's class as long as she teaches and I am able to get to the Arvada Center.

~Phyllis, Arvada, CO

Laurie's supportive and adaptive instruction has been the perfect fit for my 55+ body. I feel challenged and motivated in her class and was astonished to see results within a month!

~Susan, Arvada, CO

In late November 2011, I had a 13-level spinal fusion for idiopathic scoliosis. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Laurie through another client of hers, and started seeing her 3 months post-op. Right off the bat she adapted very well to my specific needs and was very educated in the matter. Every time I saw her I made progress with my emotions, my health, and my pain! She helped my healing (inside and out) and making it a routine to see her always gives me something to look forward to. I have done both regular massage therapy as well as Raindrop Technique with her. The work she is doing is 'freakishly magical.' I definitely don't think I would be where I am today without all of her help!

~Kelsi, Denver, CO

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