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Wedding Dances

I love to dance! I love to choreograph even more! I can customize any dance style for your wedding day dance! I will choreograph to the capabilities of the wedding couple, the parents, the father/daughter, the mother/son, and/or the wedding party for a smash hit dance that no one will forget!  

I have over 36+ years of experience as an Entertainment Choreographer, a Professional Dancer, and a Healing Artist, with tons of expertise coaching non-dancers as well as professional dancers to look good and feel great when they dance! I know I can create a terrific dance for your wedding day and coach you or your group until you sparkle!

Our first meeting in the dance studio is "play time" where we will get to know each other, discuss your dance ideas, listen to your music, play around with dance moves that will look good on you and your group, and come up with a choreography plan and rehearsal schedule for future sessions.

Choose music that expresses your personalities, your relationship, or whatever you want to celebrate and showcase on your wedding day. If there are multiple songs in a medley, I will have them edited so they transition well with the dance. I will choreograph a dance that makes everyone shine! We can adjust where needed so that everyone feels confident and comfortable, and we will rehearse until we have the finished product you desire. I will video the dance for you to practice with in between rehearsals.

Please allow for 3 months of rehearsals before the wedding day. Depending on the length and complexity of the dance, the capabilities of those dancing, and the practice time maintained in between sessions, the number of rehearsals needed for a successful dance performance will vary.

Single wedding dance session = $75 per hour

(includes studio rental at Elite Dance Studio in Broomfield, music editing, scheduling, emailing, choreography, instruction, customizing, and performance coaching)

Once we've met, played with dance moves, decided on a choreography plan, and created a schedule, payment will be due ($75 x #of rehearsals) at the end of our first meeting.

It is my job to make sure that everyone looks good, feels confident, and is totally ready and excited to dance on the big wedding day!

After the wedding, please send me a video and/or photos of your dance performance, so I can put them on my website to encourage other couples and groups to dance with me in the future.

I look forward to designing the dance of your dreams for your wedding day!

Payments are by cash or check only.

Please call or email for appointments.

24-hour notice of cancellation is required.


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